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            Who We Are


We are a family-owned and operated real estate firm based out of South Florida. We specialize in helping sellers solve complex real estate problems. Not matter what the issue is we can help.  Let our team help guide you through the process. Whether your property is land, single family, condo, or multi-family we can help. 

Simply click on the form above and we will contact you for a free no obligation consultation to see how and if we are a good fit. 

We specialize in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Tennessee, but we work in all 50 states and can help you regardless of the state you are in. It doesn’t matter what reason you have for selling, the condition of your property, or what situation  you are in. Our team will treat you with honesty and with the respect you deserve. 

My family name and legacy literally depends on it. 

Who We Help

We help land owners and home owners in many types of situations.

Any Problem

We understand that you want to keep your privacy, we have discreetly helped many in the same situation. We frequently help people in the following situations:

  • Behind on Property Taxes
  • Tired of Paying Property Taxes
  • Tired of owning land you are not using 
  • Behind on Mortgage Payments
  • Divorce
  • Medical Conditions
  • House in Probate
  • Entering Bankruptcy
  • Entering Foreclosure
  • Death in the House

Any Home Condition

Not every home can be sold using an agent, because banks require homes to be fixed up. We will buy your home in any condition, even if your home is falling down.

  • House Needs Repair
  • Roof Falling Down
  • Burn out
  • Vandalism
  • Hoarding
  • Mold
  • Bad Tenants

In Your Area

We do deals completely virtually and will make an offer within 24 hours of contact.  Our preferred markets are Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee but it does not matter where you live we do deals in all 50 States. 

  • Completely Virtual
  • South Florida - We'll come to you! 

Our Process is Simple

Our  buying process is hassle-free, and we keep in constant communication via text, email, or phone call. You never have to wonder where you are in the process. Plus, we CLOSE when we say we will. No backing out at the last minute, no shady bait-and-switch, and no hidden fees! You will pay zero costs to sell your house.


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Let Us Buy Your Land or House Fast 

In the many years that we’ve been professionally buying properties, we have seen it all.

We can help you get out from under your house in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee or any where else in the country. 

We make it fast and easy to sell your house or land.

Our company specializes in purchasing land and houses in Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee for all-cash, with money in your hand in days, not in months.

Realtors can be a solution for many homeowners, and we have a team of realtors we work with and can recommend, but its not for everyone.  If you have been dreading selling your house because of costly repairs, or you are behind on your mortgage or taxes, we are the solution that you have been looking for.

If you are tired of paying property taxes for land you are not using, or your behind in paying your property taxes. We are the people you want to call. 

No commissions to pay, no inspections, or repairs to make, we will pay your back taxes and give you a fair offer. We buy in AS-IS condition.

All types of property, all sizes, all conditions. You are so close to a solution that will give you the opportunity to move on.

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One of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible with your offer, or to get any additional information.

Why Work With Us?

We believe in doing what we say we will do and we follow through on our word. If we give you an offer and you agree we will close for the price we said when we say. We believe in an easy process and providing step by step instructions to make everything simple and smooth. 

We excel at communication and we understand that you are dealing with a difficult situation. We are sensitive to your needs and we like helping people like you get out of a bad situation fast. We have worked with and helped many people in very similar circumstances and understand what you might be going through.

Our discrete associates will take care of the process privately and discretely and without judgement, so that you can get focus on what's important to you.